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The Source Awards Used To Be Lit—Here Are 13 Photos To Prove It

If there was one award show that's remembered for being iconic and celebrating Black culture and hip-hop, it was the Source Awards.After ending almost 20 years ago, the award show is expected to return in 2022, Page Six reports. Additionally, the Source streaming channel will be released as a hub for all things hip-hop.Other than the unforgettable moment when Suge Knight shaded...

Actress Samira Wiley Said She Was Body Shamed During A Photoshoot

Actress Samira Wiley revealed that she was body-shamed during a photoshoot while she was on set dressed in an outfit that showed her midriff. The actress, who is spreading body positivity and gratitude, said she walked out on set wearing a slightly revealing shirt when someone told her, "Oh, don't worry. We can fix that in post," People reports.She shared that the...

Here Are 8 Soul-Stirring Pictures From Barack Obama's First Inauguration

The inauguration of former President Barack Obama was a historical and emotional time in history. While it was the first time a Black man was elected president, for many, Obama's inauguration symbolized hope.Here are some pictures from the day that captures the many emotions from that day.