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Asher Primus Asher Primus

For fun, I enjoy challenging myself to do things that seem scary or out of my realm of expertise. While I was attending in college, I majored in Communication with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies. The thing that I love about blogging is that there could be hundreds or thousands of people who may share my same opinion.

Asher Primus's posts

Future’s "PIE" And The Terrible Depictions Of Rape Culture And Colorism

Chris Brown and Future do not have the best relationship with women, let alone black women to be more specific. Future's pettiness has won the approval of black men as he trolls Ciara’s and Russell Wilson’s marriage, because only simps date single mothers. Meanwhile, Chris Brown is under a restraining order and picks fights with men who are seeing his ex-girlfriend,...

Black Men Do Not Have To Win 'The Bachelorette,' But They Have To Fight Their Stereotypes

The Bachelorette has gotten many black people talking on whether Rachel's blackness would come into question if she decides to be engaged with a white man.In diving deeper into the problem, Rachel becomes a minimal character, and egos between black and white men become the bigger focus. Black men are battling stereotypes and have to govern their masculinity since they are thirsty...

Dear Black Women, You're Perfect The Way You Are

People of color are also responsible for maintaining the Euro-centric standard of beauty in colorism and selective breeding.We even use the same standards when WOC participate in beauty pageants, while knowing fully well that those women are tokenized to fit the image of being thin, having soft textured hair and of middle or upper class. Black beauty on television turns to the male gaze...