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Amanda Monroe Amanda Monroe

Queer Multi-hyphenate creative who likes fruit snacks and well written TV. She is looking to be in somebody's writers' room. Her work is centered in narrative based social commentary. She forgot her twitter password ages ago, but you can still tag her @ImAmandaMonroe. On IG: @moe_sizslack. She has a cat named Eartha Kitt. Amanda thinks that joke is hilarious.

Amanda Monroe's posts

5 Ways Your Gratitude For Black Women Can Go Beyond Lip Service

As the Biden-Harris ticket officially inches closer to the Oval Office to bring to an end the most divisive and bizarre presidency in modern history, Black women’s polling habits have emerged as the heroes of the election having voted for Biden at a rate of 90% and swinging Georgia blue for the first time in three decades.In their acceptance speeches, President-elect Joe Biden and...

The 1669 Casual Killing Act Still Seems Like A Working Policy When It Comes To Black Killings By White Hands

On the night of March 13, EMT Breonna Taylor would join Aiyana Jones, Philando Castile and countless other Black people whose killings at the hands of law enforcement would go unrebuked.The devaluing of Black lives is far from being a new phenomena -- if anything it's informed by a history which achingly repeats itself. Taylor's killing is no different. But the pardoning...

It's Time White America Votes In The Best Interest Of Everyone

The lead up to the 2020 election has been, in large part, a mess. Though an ABC News/Washington Post poll suggests low enthusiasm for a Biden-Harris presidency, Biden still leads by a narrow margin over Trump in the projected data. The enthusiasm deficit coupled with a series of blunders from when Biden has addressed Black America has many people framing the Black vote as the sole...