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Amanda Monroe Amanda Monroe

Queer Multi-hyphenate creative who likes fruit snacks and well written TV. She is looking to be in somebody's writers' room. Her work is centered in narrative based social commentary. She forgot her twitter password ages ago, but you can still tag her @ImAmandaMonroe. On IG: @moe_sizslack. She has a cat named Eartha Kitt. Amanda thinks that joke is hilarious.

Amanda Monroe's posts

Confederate Flags Are Falling, Proving How Black Rage Can Prompt American Progression

In or around the second grade, my hometown school board in deep southern Virginia briefly banned confederate flag apparel — it wasn’t a moral move. Though the symbol has long been known as a great source of discomfort for Black persons (especially Black southerners), the catalyst for the rebel flag ban was actually in response to early 90s hip-hop and Black...

The Russell Simmons Breakfast Club Interview Is A Slap In The Face To Black Women

For the first time in maybe forever, we’re experiencing a global uprising against racial based inequity and police brutality. The protests, triggered by George Floyd’s murder, have also been unique in its calls to include the unjust deaths of Black women, like that of Breonna Taylor who recently had a law named in her honor banning no-knock warrants. And with all of this...