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Amanda Monroe Amanda Monroe

My work is centered in narrative based social commentary and story telling. I forgot my twitter password a minute ago, but you can still tag me @ImAmandaMonroe. On IG: @moe_sizslack.

Amanda Monroe's posts

Respectability Politics Don’t Work For Black Women And Mo’Nique Should Know That

Controversial media mainstay and cultural auntie Mo’Nique recently made headlines again. But this time it wasn’t for calling out former colleagues or disclosing alleged racist and sexist business practices. It was because she admonished Black women for wearing bonnets outside of the comforts of home.“I’ve been seeing it not just at the airport. I’ve...

5 Times White People Gentrified Songs By Black Musicians

Celebrating Black music is a 24/7 endeavor for a lot of us, but Black Music Appreciation Month's officiated June placement is nonetheless necessary. Black music’s global influence is almost impossible to quantify. Even still, cultural music is often celebrated as a separate entity from the culture. Music history is filled with Black artistry made famous by...

In Homage To Xscape And All The Girls Who Grew Up Being Told They Weren’t Pretty Enough

“We want to say thank you. Jermaine saw the talent that a lot of people didn’t. They didn’t want to give us a chance,” announced Tamika Scott, one fourth of R&B girl group, Xscape.Producer Jermaine Dupri had just exited the stage having rapped his verse in house party mainstay, “Just Kickin' It” during the May 8 Verzuz performance that...