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Alyssa Curtis Alyssa Curtis

Miami native, recent Ithaca College grad, lover of Cuban food.

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Lauryn Hill Defends Daughter After She's Criticized For Opening Up About Traumatic Childhood

Lauryn Hill and her former partner, Rohan Marley, are responding to backlash after their daughter spoke out about the discipline she received as a child. Selah Marley took to Instagram Live to recount her experiences as a young child when Hill would spank her and her siblings. The 21-year-old described her mother as “very angry” during her younger years, saying she was...

Three Members Of The 'Squad' Have Won Their Primaries Thus Far

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Tuesday primary victory for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District is a good indicator that the Squad will return to Washington, D.C.Two other members of the former freshman group, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, won their primaries in June and early August, respectively, according to HuffPost. Ocasio-Cortez defeated her challenger,...