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There Is Now A Database Documenting The Stories Of More Than 160 Black Women Radicals Thanks To This Howard University Student

As the daughter of two former slaves, Nannie Helen Burroughs grew to become a pivotal leader during the civil rights era. She sought opportunities for women beyond the home, founding the National Training School for Women in Girls in 1909. The opening this learning institution, which was the first vocational school for Black women in U.S. history, plus her accolades as a member of the...

This Black Diving Organization Is Committed To Amplifying The Stories Of Our Ancestors By Finding Slave Shipwrecks

About 250 to 600 bodies were shackled together, often head to toe, in the cargo hold of a ship. Of the estimated 12.5 million Africans who were forcibly ripped from their families and sold like cattle around the world, about 10.6 survived the middle passage. Thousands of souls died along the way from sickness, cruelty or via a lesser-discussed demise, due to shipwrecks. Faulty...

9 Times Eartha Kitt Walked So Our Fave Badasses Could Run

Whether it be for her unique beauty, distinctive voice, demurring songs or story of overcoming odds, Eartha Kitt was a powerhouse to be recognized. While widely slept on today, Kitt’s career spanned from her early singing days in the 1940s to 2010, when she posthumously won an Emmy for her guest star appearance on Wonder Pets!Eartha Kitt was born on a cotton plantation in South...