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Aaron Barksdale Aaron Barksdale


Freelance culture writer based in Brooklyn, NY.

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Black LGBT Health: Why It's A Serious Matter

People who are black and queer have many things to be proud of, from their cultural contributions to language, to the radical activism of the Black Lives Matter movement. But the health of black LGBT people is still an issue that needs to be addressed.Jonathan Lassiter, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Muhlenberg College and author of Black LGBT Health in the United States:...

Rob Kardashian Needs To Accept That His Daughter Is Part Black

The Kardashian-Jenner brood is infamous for their appropriation of black hairstyles and clothing, but keeping up with how problematic the Kardashians can be just got more exhausting. In the series' most recent episode, Rob Kardashian is explaining to his sister Khloe and then-pregnant girlfriend Blac Chyna how he wants to reconnect with his Armenian roots as he enters into...

Who's Allowed To Tell Certain Jokes About The Black Community?

Some jokes are funny and others are just not. In the world of comedy, few things are considered taboo and many comedians use anti-PC ideology for pushing their brand of humor.For many minorities, the punchline can feel like a sucker punch hitting a little too close home. Often, marginalized folks are left wondering if a joke is really just a joke. At the 2017 Academy Awards, host...