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@kywally Kyle Walcott

The people call him Wally. He's a huge fan of This Is Us and The Walking Dead. He loves a good Jamaican beef patty with a soda on the side. In his 9-5, he's a fundraiser for a private school in Atlanta. In his 5-9, he's writing your next best read. Follow him, @kywally on instagram and twitter.

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How Not Much Has Changed, Since Tupac Recorded His Hit Song 'Changes'

As we recognize the late great Tupac Amaru Shakur on the 23rd anniversary of his passing, we zone in on his song, “Changes.” Originally recorded in 1992 and released posthumously in 1998, the record highlights a list of societal issues that include police brutality, poverty, racism, the misguided war on drugs, general warfare, mass incarceration and messy politics....

6 Ways Nipsey Hussle's Legacy Will Forever Be Remembered

Since the passing of young artist and community leader Ermias Joseph “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom, the hip-hop world has passionately responded to the late rapper’s death, honoring his memory in various ways. Hussle, who fervently showcased a strong dedication to improving the lives of Black and brown people in LA and beyond, has been revered for his humanitarianism and...

Los Angeles Has Over 36,000 Homeless Residents, Here's How Young Filmmaker Noel Braham Is Shedding Light On The Epidemic

Many view Los Angeles as a city filled with bright lights, endless opportunities and sunny skies. However, to rising filmmaker Noel Braham, the City of Angels is a place where the prevalence of poverty has caused citizens to disregard humanity. Currently, almost 59,000 people are homeless across Los Angeles County, and around 36,000 of them live in LA. After recognizing the cultural...