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August Alsina Gives Lesson On The Toxicity Of Using 'Gay' As Homophobic Slur While Calling Woman A ‘Bull Dagging Butch’

The R&B singer had some time for people commenting slurs on his Instagram on Monday.

August Alsina decided to descend into the comment section of one of his Instagram posts on Sunday, insulting a troll with a homophobic slur before asking people to stop using the word "gay" as a slur.

The R&B crooner posted a video of himself on Sunday shirtless singing the gospel classic "Way Maker." 

Alsina was in the comment section responding to fans and others asking him to do a gospel album. But an Instagram user's comment under the video forced Alsina to give him a little lesson.

"Did anybody see how he dub'd all the females lol GAY," the comment read. 

Alsina then insults the woman with a homophobic slur before telling her not to use "gay" as a homophobic slur. 

"Imagine being a bull dagging butch...projecting your insecurities on to the next man cause you desperately want & crave the attention from women as such, that you gotta jump at everything that you see, that when a man is having friendly banter through interaction & communication (with HIS fans might I [add]), you would assume it as gay. Whewwww the loneliness &misery jumped out my n***a!" Alsina responded. 

"We’re days away from 2020. [Y'all] folks gotta stop using Gay as some type of slur & term of degradation. Especially when it’s who & what YOU are. Take a look in the mirror & Learn to love yourself," he added.

Thousands of fans liked the comment and hundreds more added their own two cents to the conversation. 

The singer has been battling a variety of illnesses over the past few years, including an autoimmune disease that required him to receive IV antibody immunotherapy.

He lost the ability to walk this summer and has been in and out of the hospital since. 

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Update; My doctors have started me on my iv antibody Immunotherapy. In short form it’s sort of like chemo but instead, for my immune system. Only in this case, not killing the cells, but encouraging my nervous system & body to rebuild.😅🤷🏽‍♂️(idk. I’m still learning).. I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been tough on my body, but there are necessary steps in order to make progress. iLLness is so humbling & I often find myself singing this song of affirmation to myself eryday, so I figured I’d share that same love, affirmation and motivation with yal, whoever may need it. iHope it speaks to u. They say that #TheBlessingIsInTheENDURING (word 2 my bruv D.Walls) oh & ps; Happy Birthday To My brother Smoke Dawg✌🏽&❤️

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Some celebrities have also been a bit more vocal at shutting down homophobic trolls entering their mentions. Former NBA superstar Dwyane Wade spoke on the video podcast All The Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson to discuss his child Zion.

“There’s some things that’s...while you’re trying to go down that process, this is what’s going to come at you. There’s going to be a lot of negativity, there’s going to be a lot of hate, and it’s not even just from my son’s sexuality, it’s just about being a young Black man. When I respond to things socially, I’m not responding because you hurt my feelings. I’m not responding because I even care enough of what you’re saying because, as we say in the hood, it’s ‘ignant.' Why I’m responding is because I understand my platform,” Wade said during the interview. 

“I understand that I’m speaking for a lot of people that don’t have the same voice I have as a father, or you know, I’m even speaking for my 12-year-old right now because I haven’t allowed him to sit in front of a microphone yet. But I’m speaking for so many others in the LGBTQ+ community. They’re normal, they’re not even different. Everybody get used to it. The ones that don’t get it, the ones stuck in a box. You’re different, not the people out here living their lives, man, you know what I’m saying? Ultimately, you want your kids to be free and live their lives,” he added.

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