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Black Twitter's annual #DuragHistoryWeek is upon us once again

All rise. Once more, #DuragHistoryWeek is upon us. Ladies and gentleman, this is a time to celebrate history's greatest headwear and most prescient invention. The thing that keeps the waves spinning like 24s on a caddy, candy paint gleaming in the low-slung sun. It's the gift that keeps on giving. The gift of warmth. The gift of style. The gift of waves. May thou protect thou waves from the spirits of evil men all the livelong days.

Without further ado, a few highlights:

The originator, Mr. Newkirk, kicking things off.

Fighting crime is no excuse.

For the purple one, whom we lost this year.

Piccolo taught Gohan, who helped teach us all.

Iconic moments in Grammy history.

DeRay keeping things holy.

Better put this one on the $20 bill.

Classic durag superiority.

Didn't they tell you that her diamond durag was savage?

What a time.

But we can't forget this revolutionary tale.

Photo: Moses, Sawyoo
Photo: Moses, Sawyoo
Photo: Sawyoo

A toast to the durags!

Photo: Giphy

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