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André 3000 Keeps Getting Spotted Around Philly Playing His Mayan Flute

Others saw him in Los Angeles and New York.

André 3000 of the Atlanta-based rap group Outkast was last seen taking photos and playing a Mayan flute in Philadelphia.  

In the last few days, several residents reported seeing the iconic rapper strolling the streets of Philly, Los Angeles and New York. The typically low-key musician was playing a Mayan flute for fans. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports one unsuspecting fan, Dayna Allen, did not know she came in contact with the six-time Grammy winner.

Three stacks walked up behind her in a restaurant in the Los Angeles International Airport on July 7. When she boarded her flight to Philly, Allen saw the lyricist already seated, she confirmed in a Tweet. 

"I looked at [Benjamin] and he looked at me and I was in total shock," Allen told The Philadelphia Inquirer. "I immediately regretted not saying anything [at the restaurant], because it was like he wanted to be recognized." 

Another woman identified as Alessandra Hankinson saw him wearing overalls and a black shirt. 

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In a third sighting, a Philly resident decided to capitalize on the moment. Twitter user Russ Jackson spotted Three Stacks near a church and asked him about the flute. Apparently, the "Hey Ya" rapper "picked it up a couple of years ago and that he’s trying to get really good at it," Jackson told the Inquirer.  

As more people shared their interactions with the 44-year-old, some speculated he may have a project in the works. Something possibly featuring a Mayan flute. 

Over the past year, Three Stacks has made quite a few appearances. He was in Oakland for his 43rd birthday. He reunited with his old group mate and friend Big Boi to celebrate the high school graduation of Big Boi's son. There were also other instances where the Atlanta-native interacted with fans.

Entertainment Weekly reports the artist is in the City of Brotherly Love shooting a 10-episode AMC anthology series Dispatches from Elsewhere. 

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