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Reporter Tries Way Too Hard To Relate To 'Euphoria' Actor In This Awkward Attempt To Dap Him Up


While fans of the HBO show Euphoria wait for season two, people got a glimpse of Angus Cloud in real life, and he's not too much different from his show character, Fez. 

In a clip from Adult Swim's The Perfect Women which was posted to Twitter on Tuesday, a trying-way-too-hard Megan Koester called herself asking Cloud whether he was high.

She did so in the tragic form of "you poke a little smot tonight?"

Just like the rest of us, we assumed she was asking Cloud if he'd blown down some trees.

To her question, Cloud replied, "I smoked some weed if that's what you're trying to ask."

And if things couldn't get any more awkward, she tried to dap the Euphoria star up with her left hand. Clearly not impressed, Cloud told her he didn't "do left hands."

He then tried to explain why shaking with your left hand isn't acceptable in his book but couldn't quite find the words. Twitter, however, wasted no time pointing out Koester and her unseasoned gesture.

Attempting to figure out what the interview was even about and why she felt that comfortable to ask the actor about his recreational activities, Twitter folks had a lot to say. 

One question on some people's mind was trying to figure if the interview was an unaired episode of Euphoria because of the proximity between Cloud's persona and his character Fez.

Despite approaching Cloud and using her white privilege card to play on Black stereotypes during the interview, she made it clear she wasn't under the influence of drugs.

It's unclear if Koester and the other two ladies knew Cloud was an actor before interviewing him.

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