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A Temple University Student Walked Up To Lil Uzi Vert To Ask If The Rapper Could Pay His Tuition And He Agreed

We want to be this bold.

Lil Uzi Vert is giving back to a student in his hometown in a very special way.

On Thursday, video footage shows the 25-year-old rapper pledging to pay the $90,000 tuition of a Temple University student. The entire ordeal was caught on camera as the Philadelphia native and his entourage walked through a department store.

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Lil Uzi just agreed to pay for his $90,000 college tuition. 😳🔥😳 (Submitted by @bigassheel, @zachariahahmad)

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The fan, who has been identified as Raheel Ahmad, boldly asked him “Can you pay for my college tuition?"

The Grammy-nominated artist responded by inquiring how much Ahmad owed before giving him the conditions of the generous gift. 

"Ninety grand? I could pay for that… but this is the thing, though: If I pay for your college, are you gonna finish college?" Uzi inquired. 

After Ahmed adamantly confirmed his commitment to finishing college, the rapper urged him to send him more information via social media, including transcripts to verify his enrollment at the university. 

Their exchange came within hours of Uzi revealing his grandmother's recent health scare. But he’s remaining optimistic about her recovery.

Amidst his and the student’s interaction going viral, the rapper wrote on Twitter that despite “flexing so hard and buying the world...]he’s] hurt.” 

The move from Uzi comes as the country grapples with the nation's trillion-dollar student debt crisis, which Bloomberg reports could take more than a century to pay off. 

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