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A Detroit Church's Chicken Went Viral For Its Household Door And The Internets Are Having Too Much Fun With It

Twitter users engaged in a hilarious discussion about an unusual restaurant door.

A restaurant in Detroit is making headlines for its unusual door.

Church's Chicken on Detroit's west side became a hot topic on social media when a Twitter user posted a picture of the restaurant's door, which is wooden like a normal house door.

Shantinique Brooks posted a photo of the door on Twitter Sunday, saying "I'm moving out of Detroit. Because who put a house door on the Church's Chicken?"

The post fueled a lively discussion on social media, getting more than 3,000 retweets and 14,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

One user who replied to the tweet said, "this looks like some west side shenanigans."

Another Twitter user said "That’s very on brand for Church’s."

Others, however, found the door to be welcoming.

"Slandered 'cause they want y'all to feel at home," one user wrote.

A few people replying to the tweet also said this makes them want to visit Detroit.

Adding to her Twitter thread, Brooks said the manager probably puts a welcome mat on the inside and asks customers to take off their shoes.

Brooks also said Church's Chicken corporate is now sending her direct messages.

She then posted a video of customers opening the door to go inside the restaurant.

One user who replied to the video said, "Close the damn door! I ain't payin' to heat the whole neighborhood."

Another user replied to the comment, saying "the cashier actually does ask you very nicely to close the door when you enter."

Twitter users were also curious to know if a doorbell is available. 

Church's was established 66 years ago when it opened its first location in San Antonio, according to its website. The restaurant has locations throughout the U.S. and around the world. Outside of the states, it's known as Texas Chicken.

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