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6 Celeb Professors Who've Taught College Courses We'd Sign Up For In A Millisecond

A top-notch celebrity educator a lecture hall away? We'll gladly take that.

A good professor can turn an otherwise humdrum class into a literary lituation. 

If you've taken college courses, you know professors run the gamut. There's the erratic professor with strong opinions, the mumbler who needs to speak up, the harsh grader, the jokester, the list goes on. There are countless amazing educators gracing the world of academic and some of them just so happen to be celebrities. 

From fashion and design to music education and film, celebrities have turned their expert wisdom into college courses. Each artist brings their own insight into their college lessons.

Here are some of our favorite famous professors: 

1. Bun B
For students who love philosophy, lectures and hip-hop, UGK rapper Bun B's course is for you.

In 2011, the hip-hop legend spread his legacy beyond music and into the classroom at Rice University in Houston. Bun developed a Religion and Hip Hop Culture course for Rice's Humanities department and since then, the class has become widely popular, with enrollment going from 125 students to more than 250.

"I feel like being able to teach at a college university is a perfect example of showing how hip-hop can influence the minds of the next generation," Bun told MTV.

2. IDK

Future music business entrepreneurs and creatives, Harvard offers just what you need.

Rapper IDK and Harvard University created a free music business program for BIPOC students called “NO LABEL Academy.” The 10-day curriculum, which began in August,  focused on mental health, financial literacy, creative innovation and featured lectures from industry heavy-hitters.

After completing the course, graduates had the opportunity to put their education to use through internships and joint venture partnership deals.

“I decided to create this program for the purpose of letting people in the BIPOC community know that a job in the arts is a lot more realistic than what society makes it seem these days,” IDK said in a statement.

3. Tyra Banks

For the scholars looking to create a personal brand, Ms. Tyra Banks has the course for you. The supermodel took her expertise in the modeling world to the Stanford University MBA program in 2017. 

Banks made her academic debut co-teaching an intensive two-week personal branding course called "Project You" with GSB Lecturer Allison Kluger. Lesson plans included titles like "Philosophy of Smizing" and "The Politics of Rooting For You."

Banks shared with Teen Vogue that she was "not messing around" regarding her teaching methods and expectations of her students. Stanford students walked away with valuable information on diversifying themselves, using social media to enhance their brands, and pivot with trends as an overall brand.

4. Nas

Harvard recognized rapper Nas by establishing the Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship at the W.E.B. DuBois Institute at Harvard University in 2013.

The fellowship funded scholars and artists who showed productive scholarship and creative potential in the arts in connection with hip-hop.

"I created it for people who love music but who are also critical of it," said the hip-hop icon. "That music represents our youth, the same youth you want to protect. You have to understand them, understand the music they listen to."

The Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship is for music-loving students looking to dissect the culture and its evolution.

5. Migos

The Migos took their expertise to New York to teach a "culture class" at New York University's Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Film Center. 

Following the release of their Culture album in 2017, the rap trio secured a seminar exploring their impact on music and pop culture. VFiles founder Julie Anne Quay hosted the one-day course, graphic artist Zack Fox and NYU student Michelle Kim discussed the group's influence on fashion and pop culture.

NYU students learned through personal stories about Quavo's previous tunes not being supported by his peers sharing other students at school made fun of his hooks.

"They were saying that the whole time, like every day in school 'This that intro' and just laughing at it," Quavo recalled during a discussion. "But I was in the cafeteria one day, and Offset walked up on me like, 'Yo, that mixtape you just dropped bro? I like it. Put me in the studio bro, let me work with you.' And I looked at him, and he was the only one in the school that was really rocking with me at the time; that's on God."

6. Kanye West

As a condition of his 250 hours of mandatory community service following an altercation with a photographer by the name of Daniel Ramos, Kanye West taught at the LA Trade-Tech College (LATTC).

In 2014, the college dropout made several trips to the college, which specializes in designing apparel, to speak to the students about his personal experiences in the fashion industry.

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