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5 Young Black Professionals Who Are Helping Us Preserve Our Beauty And Mental

The beauty that resonates within the culture demands an upkeep just as fresh as we are.

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As a people, we pride ourselves on the beauty and authenticity that we preserve. From the inside out, the beauty that resonates within the culture demands physical upkeep that mirrors our freshness as Black people. Today I’d like to introduce you to five of the best professionals that will keep you looking fly from the inside out.

1. Jonathan Wright (@iam_jonathan_)

First I bring you Jonathan Wright. The 23-year-old Dallas based celebrity stylist doubles as a slay god to the stars. With A-list clientele such as Megan Thee Stallion, SZA and Queen Naija, Jonathan keeps manes tamed “The Wright Way.” Wright is nothing short of a star himself, his energy and skill remains unmatched as he continues to soar in his career.

Wright’s abilities have proved that of not just a stylist, but a businessman as well. Aside from his artistry in hair, I’m sure many of you recognize him from coining the widely used term “Freeenn,” on which he recently capitalized with the producing of bonnets and t-shirts that sport the well-known phrase.

Even with being 23, Wright has proven he is far from a novice in the hair and beauty industry. We are watching, eagerly, as we continue to follow his prosperous journey.

2. Dr. Rose, DDS (@dr.rose.ilift)

Introducing the flyest dentist you’ve ever seen. A graduate of Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, Dr. Rose may be the dentist bae of the century. Known for his unique formulation and application of veneers, Dr. Rose keeps our smiles looking right, (not that we need veneers to smile at the Oak Cliff native).

In addition to his work in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Rose also proved himself a promising artist when he released his LP ‘The Prescription’ in November of 2019. Songs such as “Oak Cliff” and “Married to Music” captures listeners as he spills his legacy.

Dr. Rose has no trouble captivating our attention as both a creative and professional.

3. Beauty by Buddha (@beautybybuddha_)

As we know Dallas, Texas, is home to some of the most elite hair stylists in the nation. Notoriously proclaimed “lace connoisseur,” this 24-year-old California native and Dallas-based stylist rightfully takes her spot among the greats. Known for her flawless glueless application of all things lace, as well as her seamless installations, Buddha continues to showcase her skills as both a stylist and a businesswoman.

Through her glueless wig application master classes, bookings as a plus-sized model and the pioneering of her own hair line and products, Buddha is securing every bag! If you want to get in with the master, be sure to book quickly because her appointment availability is known to fill up in a matter of minutes!

The culture thanks you Buddha, we can’t wait to see what you do next.

4. Derma Organics (@dermaorganics)

This next one is not only a matter of who, but what. This spot goes to a black-owned company taking the beauty and cosmetics industry by storm. Derma Organics is an all-natural hair and skin care line that is dedicated to the treatment and nourishment of our skin. Their products are created to revitalize, hydrate and heal.

Founded by 27-year-old Ada Iwuajoku, Derma Organics is quickly becoming one of the leading natural skin and hair care products on the market. Launching only a year ago, Derma Organics has already found itself in multiple online stores such as Amazon, Curlbible and in Glam Africa’s beauty box. Named by Vogue Netherlands as one of the top 15 natural hair care products of 2019, Derma Organics is not slowing down anytime soon.

We can’t forget to salute the young lady behind this operation, you know we love a young Black businesswoman! Go check out Derma Organics to bring out that natural glow!

5. Dr. Kelsei LeAnn Pys.D. (@drkelseileann)

I’ve presented you with the professionals to take care of your body, now I’m going to give you the gem to cradle your mind. Dr. Kelsei LeAnn is a 22-year-old licensed therapist. Specializing in childhood trauma and coaching for entrepreneurial and emotional growth, Dr. K takes care of one of the most undervalued aspects of our life — our mental health.

Dr. K was featured in Self Magazine as she unpacked the effects that childhood trauma can have and the solution to beginning to overcome its weight. Dr. K also hosts a podcast called ‘The You Effect’, in which she drops mental and emotional gems that allow listeners to detach from the toxins of their past and create a more flourishing future.

Dr. K is the work we need more of as she sets the tone for the future of mental health professionals.

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