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5 Black Collegiate Style Icons You Should Follow

These five students/alums are book smart and Instagram ready.

Books? $500. Tuition? Let's not even go there. Effortless, borderline enviable style? Priceless.

As a college student, it can be so easy to throw on a pair of sweats, a hoodie and Nike flip-flops to head to class. Rarely do we find the inspiration to put together an outfit worthy of all the double-taps and reblogs. 

There are a few amongst us, however, who push through and serve looks you would have thought were assembled by a variety of industry stylists. These five individuals, all either current students or celebratory post-grads, featured below may or may not be on your radar. However, we're sure that after scrolling infinitely though their timelines, they'll become a permanent fave in your feed and your heart. Check them out!

Franceta Johnson

The fashion blogger and former art student has been revered for her minimalist style, creative posts and inspiring journey into self-love.

Kevin B. Theodore

The modern day "classic man," Theodore puts together such well-constructed, colorful pieces successfully.

Malik Mbaye

Mbaye, a true-blue Bison, has cultivated looks so polished, on-trend and effortless, one would think his posts were pages taken straight from GQ.

Jada North

North's another HBCU grad with a recurring theme of texture, patterns and simplicity in each of her posts and videos.

Blake Von D

Von D's a Tulane Law School graduate with a style that is equal parts feminine, androgynous and vibrant.

What college kids (past, present or future) do you think are style icons in their own right? We want to hear from you!

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