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4-Year-Old Who Went Viral For Recreating Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Look Gives Beyoncé's Ivy Park Collection The Same Honor

In January, the toddler went viral after recreating Michelle Obama's presidential inauguration look.

Ryleigh Madison Hampton, a 4-year-old fashion enthusiast, is melting the hearts of people on the internet with her imitation of Beyoncé's Ivy Park clothing line. In her most recent Instagram post, the young girl said they didn't have Beyoncé's Adidas x Ivy Park collection in her size, so she decided to recreate the style for herself. 

The young fashionista also imitated Beyoncé's poses while wearing six different brown and beige outfits similar to the global icon.

"They didn't have these Ivy Park x Icy Park looks in my size, so we had to make our own," the little girl wrote, tagging the iconic singer on Instagram. 

Ryleigh's aunt, Zoe Hampton, who directed the photoshoot, said the 4-year-old is always singing along to Beyoncé's song "Brown Skin Girl."  The little girl was ecstatic when the family decided to recreate the looks of her favorite artist. 

"We were inspired to do this photoshoot when we saw Beyoncé's beautiful Ivy Park x Icy Park line," Hampton told Good Morning America. "The clothes and her looks were absolutely amazing, but they were not in Ryleigh's size. We thought it would be a really fun idea to try to recreate these looks."

Ryleigh's grandmother, Sheila Hampton, designed the gloves, as well as the scarf, hat and jacket that were seen in the photoshoot.

"Ryleigh is an amazing model, and she was able to pull off all six of these looks in about two and half hours," Hampton said. "Once we put on a little Prince and Michael Jackson, it was smooth sailing from there. She was really in her zone."

In January, the toddler went viral after recreating Michelle Obama's presidential inauguration look. Four-year-old Zayden Lowe, who is the son of Sheila's coworker, joined Ryleigh in the photoshoot, dressing up as Barack Obama, Good Morning America reported.

Ryleigh also dressed as Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this year as a tribute to the trailblazer.

"I think in a nutshell that picture shows that representation matters, what your kids see, hear, watch on TV and tablets is important," Ryleigh's grandmother said. "It's important that we don't rely on the media or anyone else to show our kids positive images, we as parents and family members have a responsibility to make sure they see them."

There was plenty of love for the young model after she posted her latest photo on social media. 

"Now this is what you called SLAYYYEEEDDD," one person wrote. 

Dozens more dropped emojis to show their appreciation. 

According to The Ticker, the Ivy Park collection sold out within six minutes after it launched on the Adidas website in February. 

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