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This 3-Year-Old Leading His Preschool Class In Prayer Would Make Your Pastor Proud

According to his mom, he was just being himself.

A St. Louis, Missouri, 3-year-old took it to the church and back during his birthday celebration.

In a viral video, Makhi Martin is seen bowing his head, closing his eyes and asking God to “bless all the boys and girls around the world.”

His grace has now been adored by millions, and according to his mom, Ranisha Martin, he was just being himself, reports Good Morning America

The preschooler led his teacher, Mrs. James, and his fellow classmates in prayer before eating their lunch at the St. Louis Transformation Christian School. 

"Father God, we thank you for this food. We ask you to bless it, make it nourishment to our body. Bless all the boys and girls all over the world to receive food. In Jesus' name,” he said as his classmates repeated. 

His mom was there for her son’s birthday. She captured the heartwarming moment and shared it to Facebook and Instagram, saying her son’s “getting so big now and you making me so proud.”

"I was very shocked," Martin said. "[I think] people were touched to see a little kid praying."

While the moment surprised her, she said it’s not unlike her son.

"He's very smart," she added. "He's obsessed with dinosaurs. He can name all the dinosaurs and something special about them. He can tell you his birthday, his mom and dad's names, where he lives ... he can tell you everything."

Makhi had a message for everyone supporting him and showing him love. 

“Thank you so much,” the toddler said in a video his mother posted to her social media. 

Just last week, President Trump announced new federal guidelines on prayer in public schools, reports Fox News. On National Religious Freedom Day he mandated a federal complaint process that students can use to alert authorities when they have been discriminated against for praying. 

The updated guidance re-emphasizes that students may pray and read scripture when they have free time at school. 

"For example, teachers and other public school officials, acting in their official capacities, may not lead their classes in prayer, devotional readings from the Bible, or other religious activities," the guidance states. But "students and teachers do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate."

Trump also proposed nine new rules to ensure fair treatment of religious organizations. 

"The proposed rules would eliminate burdensome Obama-era requirements that unfairly imposed unique regulatory burdens only on religious organizations," a White House press release said.

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