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15 Greatest 'Bad and Boujee' TV Characters

"Dabbin' on 'em like the usual."

Donald Glover blessed us in 2016 with his breakout FX series, AtlantaThen, he really touched our souls at this year's Golden GlobesIn Glover's acceptance speech for Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy, the star and show's creator thanked the "black folks" from the show's premise in addition to hip hop group Migos for their song, “Bad and Boujee”. As millions anticipated what he would say next, Donald noted as millions watched, "That's the best song ever."

Peak blackness. The next morning, Spotify streams for the song skyrocketed 243 percent for the ATL hip-hop trio.

Photo: FX

Since we're on the topic of "bad and boujee," then we must pay homage to those true baddies both past and present on the small screen. In no particular order, check out these 15 memorable "bad and boujee" women from our favorite shows.

1. Francesca "Fancy" Monroe, The Jamie Foxx Show

Photo: WB

Front desk boujee. 

2. Alicia, Moesha

Photo: UPN

Roommate from hell boujee.

3. Melanie Davis, The Game

Photo: The CW 

Med school boujee.

4. Laura Winslow, Family Matters

Photo: ABC 

Girl next door boujee. 

5. Michaela Pratt, How to Get Away With Murder

 Photo: ABC

To die for boujee.

6. Diane Johnson, black-ish

Photo: ABC


7. Molly Carter, Insecure

Photo: HBO

Corporate boujee.

8. Anika "Boo Boo Kitty", Empire

Photo: FOX 

All in the family boujee. 

9. Sandra Clark, 227

Photo: NBC

Yaaaaas boujee. 

10. Regine Hunter, Living Single

Photo: FOX 

"New wig, who dis?" boujee.

11. Toni Childs, Girlfriends

Photo: UPN 

Fresno boujee. 

12. Hilary Banks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Photo: NBC

Clueless boujee. 

13. Lisa Turtle, Saved By The Bell

Photo: NBC 

Bayside boujee. 

14. Whitley Gilbert, A Different World

Photo: NBC 

HBCU boujee.

15. Dominique Deveraux, Dynasty

 Photo: ABC

OG boujee. 

Let us know your "bad and boujee" TV baes below in the comments!

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