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Posted under: Black Twitter

13 Times @MeechOnMars broke the internet

MeechOnMars is the one of the most popular online personalities out right now. With more than a million followers on Vine, this recent high school graduate regularly breaks the Internet.

He accurately portrays seemingly clueless athletes

Shows how this generation of drug dealers can take ALL forms of payment

He talks back to dumb characters in horror movies

Highlights how people who love to play the 'guessing game' are so annoying

He explains what it's like to finally find the perfect person

He reminds people how no one wants to hear their mixtape

He participated #BlackBoysBreakTheInternet

He showed the world how Jay Z reacted to Lemonade

He was super nice to one of his youngest fans

He showed how black families seem to never follow the rules at graduation ceremonies

When he went to his senior prom

He gave a new spin on High School Musical

He showed how thirsty many uber drivers can be

What's your favorite MeechOnMars moment? Let us know in the comments below!  

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