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Atlanta IKEA’s Juneteenth Menu Results In Mass Employee Callout

At least 33 upset employees refused to come to work.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 14 hours ago

Tamir Rice's Mom Drags Shaun King For Allegedly Raising Money Without Her Consent: 'God Will Deal With You White Man'

Samaria told King: "Personally, I don't know how you sleep at night."
Rashad Grove
 • 15 hours ago

Macy Gray Is Calling For A New American Flag

Gray says the flag should be an accurate depiction of America today, proposing that the stars reflect the various skin tones of people.
Ashlee Banks
 • 16 hours ago

Michael B. Jordan Changes Name Of 'J'Ouvert' Rum Brand After Being Accused Of Cultural Appropriation

Nicki Minaj, who is of Trinidadian descent, offered a gentle history lesson to the actor.
Tomas Kassahun
 • 17 hours ago

'Have A Blessed Day': Simone Manuel Properly Checks Jerk Who Compared Her To Dwight Howard

The Olympic champion defended both herself and Black women in a matter of a tweet.
Rashad Grove
 • 19 hours ago

5 Of The Worst Responses From Conservatives About Juneteenth

Despite overwhelming support for the Black celebration becoming a new federal holiday, a few politicians and pundits have decided they know better.
Christopher Rhodes
 • a day ago

Chris Brown Accused Of Hitting A Woman, Again

Brown has been accused of similar incidents since 2009 when he pleaded guilty of assaulting Rihanna.
Danyella Wilder
 • a day ago

T-Pain Reveals Usher Told Him He ‘F**ked Up Music’ With Auto-Tune, Led To Start Of 4-Year Depression

T-Pain said the comment was the beginning of a four-year depression for him.
Danyella Wilder
 • a day ago

First Black 'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Says She 'Had To Be A Good Black Girl' During Show

The former Bachelorette star opens up about experiencing racism during her time on the series.
Rashad Grove
 • a day ago

Gay Black Men Also Deserve To Have Fairytale Romances And Not Hear Hotep-Ish BS About It

It was nothing but love for Whitley and Dwyane but growing up, there were few Black gay love stories not rooted in shame.
Kenny Williams Jr.
 • a day ago

John Legend Defends Wife Chrissy Teigen After Fashion Designer Says She Bullied Him, Triggered Suicidal Thoughts

Costello said he became suicidal after being bullied by the model.
Tomas Kassahun
 • a day ago

Lizzo Celebrated Juneteenth In The Best Way Possible

The singer-songwriter shared a jubilant video on TikTok detailing her adventures in LA spreading wealth.
Danyella Wilder
 • 2 days ago

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