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Florida Tech Student Fatally Shot On Campus By Police

Sow was a sophomore from Riverdale, Georgia, studying aeronautical science.
Megan Ambers
 • 6 hours ago

Nick Cannon Reveals His Youngest Child, Zen Scott Cannon, Passed Away From Brain Cancer

Cannon shared that he spent the weekend with his son at the beach.
Yolanda Baruch
 • 7 hours ago

'Holding On To Anger Will Eat You Alive': Actress Janet Hubert Pens Message To Will Smith In Post Revealing She's Been Hospitalized

The 65-year-old wrote "people will do you wrong and you must fight for truth no matter how long."
Émil Flemmon
 • 7 hours ago

15-Year-Old CEO Launches Retail Store And Salon For Her Business, Confidence by GaBBY Goodwin

Gabby Goodwin continues to inspire young girls with her entrepreneurship.
Danteé Ramos
 • 7 hours ago

Grandfather Slays Lace Wig, Lends Support For Granddaughter's Wig Business

Pop Pop aced the assignment by slaying an invisible lace wig accented with laid baby hairs.
Yolanda Baruch
 • 8 hours ago

For Most Americans, Getting Rid Of Burdensome Bank Fees Would Be A Welcome Relief

Imagine if banks developed a fairer business model that wiped out fees altogether?
Samuel Golden
 • 9 hours ago

TikTok User Mispronounced Jalapeños And Twitter Had A Field Day

Travion Thomas fumbled pronouncing jalapeños and Twitter couldn't hold back the jokes.
Yolanda Baruch
 • 9 hours ago

Cardi B Demands Security To Let Group Of Black Women Inside Miami Club After They Said They Were Denied Because They Were Black

One of the women in the video mentioned the club was letting white women in but was dismissive of others.
Émil Flemmon
 • a day ago

Boosie Slammed For Wearing Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Jacket

The rapper has faced backlash from members of two different historically Black fraternities in less than two years.
Nick Fenley
 • a day ago

How Howard University's Angel Tree Project Drives Home The Importance Of Selflessness & Leadership

Howard University recently hosted the gift-wrapping party for its 22nd annual Angel Tree project.
 • a day ago

The Justice Department Sues Texas For Violating The Voting Rights Act

The U.S. Attorney General accused Texas of illegally gerrymandering congressional districts to disempower Latinx and Black voters.
Christopher Rhodes
 • a day ago

Aspiring Neurosurgeon's Medical Illustration Of Black Fetus In The Womb Leaves Twitter In Awe

The medical student said he hopes to inspire students by creating anatomical sketches that students of color can identify with.
Émil Flemmon
 • a day ago

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