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Michael Jordan Taps Bubba Wallace For NASCAR Team Launch, Becomes One Of Few Black Team Owners In Sport's History

So we can expect Air Bubba to be a thing now, yes?
Keka Araújo
 • 4 hours ago

Louisville Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Announcement On Whether Charges Will Be Pressed Against Cops In Breonna Taylor Killing

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron will announce whether charges will be filed this week against the officers who shot Taylor.
Jon Greig
 • 6 hours ago

President Trump Touts Announcement Of Supreme Court Nominee Less Than 50 Days Until Election

Republicans are eager to fill the seat that was opened when Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away.
Jon Greig
 • a day ago

Humans Of New York Legend Ms. Tanqueray Reveals Battle With Colorism And First Relationship With A Black Man

The former dancer is using her story to garner support as she struggles with medical bills due to her failing health.
DeMario P. Smith
 • a day ago

Black Women Coalition Calls For A $1 Billion Investment Fund To Help Young Black Girls Thrive

Philanthropic organizations routinely ignore initiatives aimed at Black women and girls.
Jon Greig
 • a day ago

Deion Sanders Makes A Historic Move, Becomes New Head Football Coach At This HBCU

The NFL star's decision to coach at Jackson State University is major for the HBCU community.
Jon Greig
 • a day ago

ICE Officials Segregated, Punished Detainees For Reporting Dire Medical Issues, Report Reveals

19 immigrants have died in ICE custody in the 2020 fiscal year, the highest number since 2006.
Jon Greig
 • a day ago

From Dolezal To Krug, Everyone Wants To Act Black Until It’s Time To Be Black

Dr. Krug will be alright, but Black folks will have to continue to fight real struggles living in our own real skin every day.
Desiree K. Robinson
 • a day ago

Why Black Young Voters Will Continue To Fight Beyond The Ballot Box

No matter what happens this election, Black youth will prevail.

3 Ways Non-Black Folks Should Put Respect On The Black Culture They’re Loving

Cultural appropriation is a bit of flattery and a hard slap in the face at the same time.
Corein Carter
 • a day ago

Alabama State University Junior Charged With Killing Fellow Student Adam Dowdell Jr.

Hall is being held at a Montgomery County detention facility on a $250,000 bond.
Tomas Kassahun
 • a day ago

Watch Beyoncé, Solange, Issa Rae And More Celebs Tell Their Best Corny Jokes In Support For Mama Tina

Dozens of stars shared their worst jokes for the gala.
Jon Greig
 • a day ago

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